Car tin toy drawing

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Pencil drawing for the car tin toy. There is the street circle, the tunnel and in the bottom right the battery.



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Playing around with a wheel for a puzzle that is formed by mirroring along two axes. By rotating the UV mapping, the characters from the drawing form new, strange forms.


Mundaun title screen

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Having fun finding some nice camera angles around the scene that could be used for a title screen. Also trying out some typography, tracing a black letter font with pencil.

chapel flower tunnel

Camera craziness

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Images generated when playing with huge Field of View values of the Unity camera. Could this be used in certain situations in the game?




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The Wayfarer dancing. Mostly just playing around with the Rigify rig but maybe this could be in the game.


The Wayfarer

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The character of the wayfarer is at the very center of the strange events in Mundaun. This experimental usage of a very rough pencil drawing gives him a very sinister quality but is hard to read. What I like about the almost abstract nature of the drawing are the endless possibilities for experimentation by just slightly moving the UV coordinates on it.



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I have been working on the mesh for the next NPC: Jeremias, the priest.