Painting of soldier

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The picture shows Grandfather during the war looking into a valley. The black-backgrounded part decorative frame was drawn in pencil and then digitally inverted, giving it a chalk-like quality.


Grandfathers house

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Spent much time modelling and drawing the textures for Grandfathers house, a typical centuries-old “Walserhaus” made of wood and rock. It’s based on extensive photographic research I did in the summer in the mountains.


Muli beside chapel

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The finished hay loader Muli standing beside the chapel. The player carries the binoculars. Added some of the hand-pencilled ground texture to the terrain.


Stone tower with face

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A small tower with eyes and a mouth-like opening. I’ve got the idea from a Brueghel engraving. It could be a trap for the player or his enemies.


Sweat animation

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Idea for a texture coordinate based animation of sweating. This Mesh could be rendered in front of the player camera.

Soldier face

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An idea: the soldier has his face on his rifle instead of his head.

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 13.49.32