Painting in the attic

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Added a new painting in the attic of Grandfathers house. It depicts him with his fellow soldiers and a first glimpse of the ill-fitting Wayfarer on the very left. It’s based on a Swiss postcard from the first world war. That postcard was a big initial inspiration for the story of the game.


Inverted textures

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An experiment with inverting the textures for the house. Could this be a possible aesthetic for the night portion of the game? It seems to work well on some textures while in other cases just having the look of a negative photograph.


Painting of soldier

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The picture shows Grandfather during the war looking into a valley. The black-backgrounded part decorative frame was drawn in pencil and then digitally inverted, giving it a chalk-like quality.


Grandfathers house

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Spent much time modelling and drawing the textures for Grandfathers house, a typical centuries-old “Walserhaus” made of wood and rock. It’s based on extensive photographic research I did in the summer in the mountains.


Muli beside chapel

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The finished hay loader Muli standing beside the chapel. The player carries the binoculars. Added some of the hand-pencilled ground texture to the terrain.