Ammunition box

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I’m obsessed with details. They make a game world believable and real, no matter how out there it otherwise is. I’m especially fond of coming up with fictional brands. This is an ammo box for Mundaun of the brand “Drei Herren”, which roughly translates to three gents. As ammo should be sparse, one box only contains three bullets. Hence the name.

Chapel from life to game

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The chapel was one of the first buildings created for Mundaun. See how it came into the game from life via pencil drawing and 3D model.

A lot of the objects, buildings, vehicles in Mundaun are inspired or based on real-life things. I made thousands of photos scouting different places in the Swiss alps. Based on this personal photographic library and many more images from historic archives and books, I create the world of Mundaun one detail at a time.

Imker pencilling passes

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With the textures for Mundaun all being hand-drawn, it is sometimes tricky to get everything in the drawing in the right place so that it ends up on the 3D model where it should be. That’s why I usually do a first rough pass, scan it and see where it lands on the 3D model. I can then use that feedback as I continue pencilling the texture. This multi-pass texturing process is especially valuable on organic non-flat forms, as it can be a bit difficult to get your head around where this or that cloth fold will end up, when looking at a printed UV-Map. That said, it helps that the pencilled textures are drawn in a quite painterly fashion, which makes them quite tolerant when mapping them the model.

I’m quite fond of the way a model looks with only the first rough sketch applied.

Mundaun on

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The Swiss online video portal did a short (german) piece on Mundaun and how it is made.

I’ll take this chair thanks

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I’m trying to integrate the environment for dealing with unfriendly mountain creatures. In this case, the chair lift assists the escape of the player from the hayman. They are seemingly not that technology-savy. Probably, where they come from there are no chair lifts… Maybe another enemy type will be able to ride the chair lift? These are attempts to make the game world of Mundaun feel alive and interactive.


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The player comes across a burning barn in the first night he spends in the mountains. It is then when he first encounters the Wayfarer and the hay men.

House signs

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Came across these symbols called “house signs” during research. The letters in them are initials and the icons seem to have a meaning. I feel like they could be used for the characters in Mundaun, choosing or making up a fitting one for each. They could be placed on doors or shown in the UI when talking to a person.

New player

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Created a new player mesh. Here you can see him looking in the mirror after finding a strange painting behind the bathroom wall.

Roaming haymen

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I’ve implemented a system of threat levels instead of directly placing the haymen in specific points of the scene. It defines how close to the player they can raise out of hay scattered around the scene, how many concurrent haymen there can be, etc.

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