Arrival by bus

Michel ZieglerUncategorized

The bus in which the player arrives in the mountain world of Mundaun. It is based on an old swiss “Postauto”.

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 17.10.24

Drowned Giovanni

Michel ZieglerUncategorized

An experiment in atmosphere showing the drowned painter Giovanni with the stars reflecting in the nightly lake.

Walther close up

Michel ZieglerUncategorized

A close-up of the NPC character Walther. He’s a corporal still hiding out with his goats in a bunker many years after the war was over.

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 20.25.28

Soldier equipment

Michel ZieglerUncategorized

Part of the soldier equipment with the person hidden. In blender, with no lighting added, the handdrawn textures are apparent.


Stone figure

Michel ZieglerUncategorized

Sketch for a figure made of heaped stones. The player can manipulate these and create small rock-slides to disable enemies.


Wooden soldiers

Michel ZieglerUncategorized

Created a version of a soldier with very reduced, blocky geometry, resembling a wooden soldier. Could be used in a puzzle.