brick puzzle

Michel ZieglerUncategorized

I wanted to add a puzzle involving a pattern on a wall with some missing bricks. You would then have to find them and insert them the right way. The two bricks are the same, so it doesn’t matter which goes where. But they can be rotated in 90 degree steps and have to be inserted with the correct orientation.

Can you solve it?

Nobody except me, the designer, could solve it without some substantial hints. As I don’t want obtuse logic puzzles blocking the way and disrupting the flow senselessly, I decided to take another route.

The player now has to find three distinct bricks and place them in that wall to open a door. It’s not a logic puzzle anymore, but a way to block the way for the player in an intriguing way until she has all three bricks. As they visually complete the wall painting, putting them in is satisfying.

Of course I kind of liked the original logic puzzle but having it in the game adds little, while at the same time potentially frustrating players into giving up or looking up the solution. It’s either unsolvable if you don’t see the right pattern or very easy if you see it.