exhibiting mundaun

Michel ZieglerUncategorized

Exhibiting a game in a pleasing way is a challenge. When you put a monitor on a table, the atmosphere is basically that of an office.

I recently had the opportunity to exhibit Mundaun for the “Werkbeiträge Applied Arts 2018” in Lucerne. I was very lucky when, during the preparations, I found a nice old chest of drawers. At first, I wanted to just exhibit some drawings of Mundaun on it. Then it hit me. Why not exhibit the game itself inside one of the drawers? It fits thematically and visually and makes the exhibit appealing to non-gamers as well.

The feel of playing the game which was almost laying on the floor, while standing up, was quite interesting. Quite immersive, if a bit dizzying.

I had to drill and saw a hole in the back for the cables. There were loudspeakers in the middle drawer. The resulting sound resonated interestingly through the wood. Plus there was some room for additional display materials on top and in the upper drawers, making for a nice well-integrated display of Mundaun as a game as well as a project and process.

In addition to the chest of drawers with the playable game, there was a table with sketch- and notebooks of the Mundaun project. Hidden in one of the drawers was a tablet with a making of and the trailer running in a loop. This gave me the idea of putting displays into drawers in the first place.

On the walls, I put quite a large selection of the original pencil drawings, which are the source of all the textures of Mundaun.