Imker pencilling passes

Michel ZieglerUncategorized

With the textures for Mundaun all being hand-drawn, it is sometimes tricky to get everything in the drawing in the right place so that it ends up on the 3D model where it should be. That’s why I usually do a first rough pass, scan it and see where it lands on the 3D model. I can then use that feedback as I continue pencilling the texture. This multi-pass texturing process is especially valuable on organic non-flat forms, as it can be a bit difficult to get your head around where this or that cloth fold will end up, when looking at a printed UV-Map. That said, it helps that the pencilled textures are drawn in a quite painterly fashion, which makes them quite tolerant when mapping them the model.

I’m quite fond of the way a model looks with only the first rough sketch applied.