muli new features

Michel ZieglerUncategorized

In Mundaun, the player is able to drive a Muli. It’s a hay loader vehicle that collects hay that has been scattered across the hills. The Muli is a means of transport to get to different sections of the mountainous world but also a loyal companion to the player. For example, if the vehicle is lost or unreachable, you can recall it with a small toy version from your inventory. It will flash its lights to guide you to it.

I’ve been working on making the Muli more interesting and dynamic. It now has a radio, which will play all the songs you have discovered and collected from radios across the game world. Those collectable songs are only one of many things that motivate the player of Mundaun to explore thouroughly and have a peek in every building and corner. When entering the Muli, hay fork and rifle are stashed on the hood of the vehicle and hung behind the player. Where you go, your tools go.


Another thing I have added to the Muli is a gauge that shows how full the hay compartment is, so the player can see how much more he has to collect. I had this neat idea, that the needle of the display is a miniature Muli that will slide over a background of hay and seem to get fuller and fuller (left). It’s fine when looked at from close but doesn’t really work in the context of the game as it lacks quick readability. I went with a much clearer design (right) that is readable at a glance while the player mostly has to concentrate on driving the Muli.

A time-lapse of drawing the textures for the hay gauge.

A small extra video: I love how sinister the Muli looks with its headlights on in the dark. The radio is backlit and provides some musical comfort in these dark times.